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In June 2011 Ralph participated in the Azores and Back 2011 (AZAB 2011). The start was in Falmouth on June 4. The return leg started again in Ponta Delgada on June 21. 60 boats participated in the AZAB 2011, thereof around 12 single-handed. Since the water ballast tanks did not work (broken pump system) and NTOMBIFUTI was pretty much the only boat with plain cruising sails the handicap was higher than what it should have been.

Outward Leg 
Real Time: position 18, 9d 3h 10m
Single-Handers: position 7
Handicap: position 21
Sailed Distance: 1,329 nm
Average Speed: 6.1 kn

Return Leg 
Real Time: position 16, 7d 14h 53m
Single-Handers: position 5
Handicap: position 26
Sailed Distance: 1,237 nm
Average Speed: 6.8 kn

Complete Race 
Real Time: position 17, 16d 18h 03m
Single-Handers: position 5
Handicap: position 19
Sailed Distance: 2,556 nm
Average Speed: 6.4 kn


The AZAB was first held in 1975 as an alternative to the OSTAR. The OSTAR required a big amount of time because the boat ended up on the other side of the Atlantic and needed to be sailed back again. A shorter race track that brings the boat back to the start harbour was desired, but still with a decent off-shore touch. So the two leg race to the Azores and back to Falmouth was conceived.


The AZAB (single- or double-handed) is together with the OSTAR (single-handed) and the RB&I (double-handed) held every 4 years and is a fix reference in the English short-handed community.


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