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Greenland 2013


In 2013 Ralph participated in the OSTAR. While an OSTAR alone is already a great feat it was only the first leg of Ralph's adventure. From Newport he headed on to Nanortalik, Greenland - again single-handedly. He passed the iceberg-infected waters off New Foundland and finally saw his first icebergs in the mist off Greenland.


In Nanortalik Harald Fichtinger joined and together they sailed through Prins Christian Sund and then up north along Greenland's remote east coast. A bit further north than Tingmiarmit they also managed to do a first ascent of a mountain, climbing a 13-pitch route ending with the magnificient view over the Atlantic scattered with icebergs.


En route they saw whales, seals, and even a polar bear. The navigation in the ice was a constant highlight of the trip. The final leg to Iceland lasted a little less than 5 days and ended in Hafnarfjördur, where Ntombifuti has been lifted out of the water for the winter.


Ralph's voyage even earned him a nomination for the Ocean Cruising Club's Rambler Medal for the most challenging short voyage; a flattering honour given the great experience amongst the OCC's members.


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