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The next project


In 2013 Ralph sailed Ntombifuti across the Atlantic in OSTAR 2013, then still single-handedly to Greenland, and finally with Harald Fichtinger to Hafnarfjördur near Reykjavik. In 2014 he sailed with Harald Fichtinger to Liverpool Land in East Greenland and made the first ascent of Kirken. He later sailed down to Scotland, since Iceland single-handedly again. And in 2015 he sailed through the Caledonian Canal and then to Shetland and finally Bodø in Norway, single-handed again. 


The boat is now in Bodø awaiting new adventures. In 2016 Ralph will go further north into the ice again, but more detailed planning depends this time to some extent on authorities as permits are needed.


To make things a bit more interesting Ralph wants to sail without the help of modern devices, i.e. without chart plotter and GPS. The position of the boat will be determined by dead reckoning and navigation by the stars (and hopefully not by hard rock). Just like climbing in Greenland this project is also preceded by two journeys of Robin Knox-Johnston, the so-called Columbus project and the Gnarr Borgrum. Or the French twins Berque who didn't even use a compas on their transatlantic. Ralph will, however, use a sextant, a compas, and a watch. It's just to see how the pre-GPS times were.


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